Slashing your cheating ex’s tires? Satisfying, but petty and illegal. Don’t worry, though — the San Antonio Zoo has a more ethical (and legal) way to enact your metaphorical revenge on a scummy former lover, and best of all, a zoo animal gets a snack out of it.

The “Cry Me a Cockroach” Valentine’s Day event allows people from all over the world to pay $5 for the zoo staff to name a cockroach whatever the customer desires. The roach will then be fed to a hungry animal, and the major feeding session will be streamed live on Facebook for those who wish to attend in person, but can’t. For a bit more ($25, to be exact), you can also have a (pre-frozen and already dead) rat fed to one of the zoo’s reptilian residents.

You can participate in the event by signing up your name of choice by February 13. The zoo stipulates that only names submitted through the website have a chance to be featured in the feeding, and only first names will be displayed. And don’t worry — submissions are anonymous, so no one has to know that you chose to enact some harmless “revenge” on your ex!

While some have expressed concern about the ethics of feeding animals to other animals for the sake of entertainment or laughs, it’s worth remembering that the zoo animals need to eat, too! The roaches and frozen rodents being fed to the predators were always going to be another creature’s lunch, but now, you can help the zoo raise money for their important work as well.

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