Toothpaste commercials have convinced us that the only way to brush our teeth is with a massive gob of toothpaste on our toothbrushes. Of course, it’s probably no great shock to imagine that a brand that wants us to buy their product would encourage you to use more of that product so that you’d have to buy it more frequently, but many people aren’t aware of just how excessive their toothpaste waste is.

To encourage people to practice better dental hygiene, one Malaysian dentist has taken to TikTok. Dr. Gao, as he’s known, has been sharing bite-sized dentist wisdom on the app, and one of his videos in particular has gotten a lot of attention for its mind-blowing (and teeth-cleaning) content.

In the viral clip, which has been watched over six million times, Dr. Gao shows what the typical “toothpaste commercial” toothpaste load looks like, then shows us the much smaller amount we should be using… and the even smaller amount we should be using for our toddlers.

If you think the only downside to using too much toothpaste is spending too much money on toothpaste, well, unfortunately you’re wrong. Dr. Gao has also shared a video showing the scary consequences that can occur when you overload your brush.

It looks like Dr. Gao will continue to spill more industry “secrets” as well. His videos often cover dental hygiene tips we feel like we should’ve been taught in school (or at least sometime before we hit adulthood).

For example, if you rinse with water immediately after brushing your teeth, you’re probably not allowing the fluoride to work its magic on your teeth.

These habits (that many of us are guilty of) can also wear down your enamel and cause major dental damage.

And if you think scrubbing away at your teeth will brush away the yellow, well, you may be having the opposite of the intended effect.

You can learn more helpful dental advice by checking out Dr. Gao’s TikTok!


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