Mo Willems is a bestselling children’s author and illustrator, known for works like “The Pigeon Has To Go To School!” and “Knufflebunny.” And now, your kids can learn how to draw directly from him every weekday.

Willems has announced that he’ll be hosting a “Let’s Doodle Together!” session every weekday at 1 pm EST from his own home. The sessions are in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to many kids being forced to stay home as schools close around the world. In addition to giving the kids some creative enrichment, Willems’ doodling sessions can also give busy and exhausted parents a break from having to constantly entertain their children while also running a house and possibly working.

Kids can also send in questions to Willems at, and he’ll try to answer as many as possible on his program.

The videos are so far between 20 and 30 minutes long, and you can watch them on the Kennedy Center’s YouTube as well as on their website! The first episode is below:

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