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You Are Not Prepared To See How Giraffes Eat Grass


You probably think you know how giraffes eat grass. We’ve all seen The Lion King. We’ve all gotten too emotionally involved in a nature documentary. We’ve seen giraffes eat leaves from trees and splay their legs wide to get a drink, and it’s not too far of a stretch to assume that we would then know how giraffes ate grass, too. Right?

Well, we can’t speak for you, but we were dead wrong in our assumptions. As it turns out, if you’re a giraffe, snatching up a few nibbles of grass is a bit of a workout.

Twitter user Daniel Holland took it upon himself to reveal this fascinating footage to the world on Twitter, and needless to say, a lot of people have had their eyes opened.

Really?! We can’t even do a push-up that smoothly!

Many other Twitter users have since responded to Daniel’s tweet with other interesting ways that giraffes interact with their world.

Even when they’re sleeping, those long necks allow them to make accommodations that the rest of us could never manage.

Sure, these positions are a bit peculiar, but when you have such a long neck, it’s to be expected!

What other fun giraffe facts do you know? Tell us about them in the comments!



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