There are few things more infuriating than waking up in the middle of the night when you’re craving a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately for a woman named Susie, she was being woken up by something throughout the night, leaving her waking up tired no matter what time she went to bed.

Wondering what could be preventing her from getting a good night’s sleep, she set up a night vision camera. After all, there are plenty of things that could prevent someone from sleeping through the night, from sleep disorders to noise from the neighbors. What Susie caught on camera, though, was way funnier.

As it turned out, Susie’s senior cat, Ginger, is the one responsible for her interrupted z’s. For hours — hours — every night, Ginger takes it upon herself to tap-tap-tap her mom while she’s sleeping. From 11 pm to 3 am, Ginger seems to have something important she wants to communicate, and she’s very persistent in her efforts. It’s pretty amusing from an outsider’s perspective, but we imagine Susie might have a few more frustrated thoughts about it!

Check out the video below:


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♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod


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