While dogs may get openly excited when their humans come home, cats are often a bit more aloof, at least upon first glance. Many people come home to find their cats snoozing on the sofa or already meowing for food, and cats can get an unfair reputation for not caring about their humans as a result.

One woman found that this wasn’t the case for her kitty, though. Alexa went to a holiday party at her parents’ house, leaving her cat Glenn at home.

She made sure she could still keep an eye on Glenn, though, by installing a nanny cam (or rather, “kitty cam”) in her house to make sure he was doing ok in her absence.

What she found was that Glenn missed her more than she thought he would! As soon as Alexis’ car pulled into the driveway, Glenn immediately got excited and vocal, practically yelling with joy that his mom was home at last!

Alexis put the evidence on TikTok, and people are loving the evidence that cats (or at least Glenn) really do miss their humans when we leave. These sweet kitties deserve more credit than we give them!


I thought a ##catcam would help me feel better about leave Glenn at home 😭 ##cats ##catsoftiktok ##fyp ##catswhoyell ##howtoadult ##catlover

♬ original sound – glennthebabycat

How does your cat react when you come home? Let us know in the comments!


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