For many of us, our hair is a huge part of our identity. There’s a reason we feel self-conscious when we’re overdue for a cut or leave the hair salon disgruntled when we don’t get the results we want!

So when someone starts losing their hair, the decision to shave it off is a big one. TikTok user and law school graduate Eva Barilaro knows this all too well. She lives with alopecia, which is a condition that makes your hair fall out. Alopecia can be a rollercoaster — sometimes, those living with the condition may hardly have any hair at all, seeing it only in small patches, while other times, their hair grows back normally.

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The first time Eva decided to shave her head completely, her grandfather was the one to take it all off. This time around after growing out her hair for the first time in ten years, she had her boyfriend do it instead. She decided to film the moment, but little did she know that she’d also be capturing a surprise that would leave her in tears (in a good way!).

You see, Eva’s boyfriend had decided that if his girlfriend was brave enough to go bald, then so was he. So after he was done shaving her head, he didn’t hesitate for even a moment as he turned the clippers on himself and buzzed off his own hair. Eva immediately bursts into tears at this gesture of love and solidarity… and we have to admit, we got a little teary too.

Check out the beautiful video below:


After months growing my ##hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my ##boyfriend to ##shave my ##head again… first time was my granddad.

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