Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing not a tiny squirrel or chipmunk, but a family of massive moose.

For many people, the sight would be majestic, but if you have a garden or fruit trees, these gigantic animals could munch away months of growth and food.

So when homeowner Emily Stull looked out the window and saw a family of moose making a meal out of the apple tree in her backyard, she had to figure out a way to gently scare them off. Obviously, running outside and waving her arms at them would be dangerous for her and stressful for the animals, but she had a better tactic available to her: her in-ground sprinkler system.

Little did the Washington woman know, though, that the moose calves would love nothing more than to play in the water. Rather than shooing them off, she gave them a fun play date, and she captured the whole thing on video:


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