One day, Florida woman Savannah Mikell realized she had a visitor on her front porch: a toad! The little amphibian must have gotten quite the bug feast on Mikell’s porch, because he kept coming back night after night after night. Before long, Mikell gave her new little friend a name, Toby, and brought out an old dollhouse for him to explore. The results were so cute, Mikell started sharing them to a Facebook group, Frogspotting, that celebrates frogs and toads. Now, Toby has his own Instagram page, where Mikell documents her little friend’s adventures in domestic life. Take a look:

Toby may look different than we do, but he starts his day out just like the rest of us.

Don’t let the bumpy skin fool you — he takes good care of his appearance.

He’s a responsible little toad and does the necessary household chores…

… even when they mean getting his hands dirty.

And of course, someone has to pay the bills around here.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Toby doesn’t know how to let loose.

His life isn’t a lonely one, either — Toby knows how to bond over shared hobbies.

He even has a pet of his own!

With such a busy schedule, Toby still has to make sure he has time for self-care.

After all, too much stress takes its toll on the immune system.

Thankfully, the toad life is mostly a simple one.

Should Toby grow tired of his mansion, he’s not obligated to stay — he still lives outside as a wild animal and is free to come and go as he pleases.

While Savannah may not keep Toby as her pet, the toad now knows she’s not a threat… and is even a friend.

For now, Toby will keep living his double life as a human and a toad, and we’ll keep enjoying these adorable photos!

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