Animals tend to know who they can trust and who they can’t, and when one woman proved her trustworthiness to a stray momma cat, she received the sweetest surprise — six of them, in fact.

According to animal rescue group Chatons Orphelins Montréal, the story began when a woman named Lisianne saw a fluffy black cat wandering around her home. She put out some food and water, noting that the cat looked pregnant as well as hungry. Day after day, Lisianne continued to feed the cat, and soon, the fluffy friend began to see that Lisianne wasn’t a threat… and may even be a friend.

Momma cat had her babies outside, but as she and Lisianne started to develop a bond, she soon brought one of her kittens over. Then, eventually, the proud kitty had brought all six of her babies to meet her human caretaker!

Lisianne decided to take the next step in her bond with the cat family and formally adopted the mom. One of her friends adopted one of the kittens, and the rest were sent to the Chatons Orphelins organization to be adopted into loving families.

The remaining five kittens all look just like their momma. The three girls are named Taylor, Tynie and Tyana and the boys are named Tales and Tito.

Three of the cute kittens have already been adopted, and now, only Tales and Taylor are looking for their forever homes. Now four months old, they’ve developed quite the personalities and are sure to be scooped up soon!

What began as a story about a simple stray cat has turned into a happy ending for an adorably floofy family. It just goes to show what one person’s kindness can do for all creatures great and small.

Rather than growing up as feral cats, these kittens will now live safe and sound with humans that love them.

We wish more people were as kind as Lisianne!

All photos via Chatons Orphelins Montréal


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