Makeup challenges are nothing new. Makeup artists — both amateur and professional — have been finding new ways to experiment with their chosen medium for years, inspiring other people to follow their lead and try new looks that fall between glam and utterly ridiculous.

The latest beauty craze to hit the internet is hilarious and mind-bending, and it all started with a video from Jaime French. Jaime decided to carefully apply makeup to her nose to make it look like her face was shorter, giving herself an itty bitty nose and mouth and then covering up her real mouth with a scarf. The result birthed the aptly named “Tiny Face Makeup Challenge,” and people’s own interpretations are getting more and more hilarious.

Since Jaime first put her video up, other people have been trying their hand at this goofy challenge.

There’s something hilarious about beautiful people looking like caricatures of themselves.

The artists’ followers are doing double-takes when they see the strange makeup looks.

How would you react if you saw someone who looked like this walking down the street?!

Goofy expressions can make the challenge even sillier!

If you love playing with makeup, give this silly challenge a try!


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