Ghosts have been a part of the lore of life and death for as long as humanity has existed, and while it’s hard to get scientific proof of a soul coming back to the land of the living for a visit, video footage has captured plenty of suspicious incidents over the years.

One case is that of Reddit user u/chlochan, whose kitty, Blackjack, passed away almost exactly a year ago.

The woman’s camera, which she says is motion activated, turned on when one of her other cats got up as she returned home. She turned on the lights using her phone and came into the room to make sure her two cats (none of which are dark in color) were in so they wouldn’t get in the way as she moved some furniture out of the house. You see her walk in and look around, and though she looks at the couch, she doesn’t notice anything strange. But if you keep your eyes on the couch, you may notice something that looks suspiciously like a black cat (ears and all) start to materialize, eventually appearing to be black and completely solid as the camera readjusts to the lights.

The camera, which was purchased to record package thieves, stopped recording after the movement in the room ceased, and the Reddit user says that there was nothing black on the couch at that time. So if it’s not Blackjack, what could it be? The woman was hopeful, but skeptical, and while many people on Reddit have responded trying to see if there’s a way to debunk the “ghost cat” theory, a lot of people seem pretty convinced that she had just gotten a visit from her old friend.

Take a look at the video for yourself and see what you think:


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