One of every parent’s greatest fears is realizing that their child has gone missing. Kids are small, curious, and surprisingly fast, and it takes only seconds for them to wander off and get lost in a crowd, or worse, be snatched away by someone with bad intentions.

Many parents have experienced brief moments of panic when their kids have wandered off in a store or at an amusement park and, not wanting to make a scene, quickly darted through the crowd in silence to find their child. Most of these situations have happy endings, but it’s horrifying to imagine what might happen if they didn’t.

One mom has gone viral on TikTok for her advice that could help you find your child faster whether they decide to play hide-and-seek in a clothing rack or get led away by a stranger. In summary: be loud.

Jess Martini‘s important advice is to never look for your child in silence if you realize they’re no longer standing with you. Instead, start shouting their description, including hair color, skin color, eye color, and whatever they’re wearing. This serves two purposes: one, it tells the people around you that you’re looking for a lost child, and two, it discourages any potential kidnappers from continuing to take your child with them.

Watch Jess’ entire clip below:


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