It’s hard to make an electrical outlet look fancy or chic. As necessary as they are in a home, you have to admit that they would look better if replaced with, say, a door that might lead into the home of a fairy or a talking mouse.

Those are the images that come to mind when you look at the work of one woman named Cristina, who has been covering her outlets with dollhouse doors. The effect is understated, but cute and certainly more appealing to the eye than uncovered outlets.

Cristina includes plenty of tiny, but important details in her doors, including a frame, a welcome mat, and even an itty bitty key!

The DIY-er shared her process in an interview with Bored Panda, and it’s more complicated than it looks.

“I purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale. I needed to carefully take them apart and reassemble them, as all dollhouse doors open in. I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily. It’s important to know that these doors swing in so you need to carefully remove the bottom piece of wood (I used a razor blade,) flip the door around, and re-glue it. You may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing. Make sure you don’t glue the door shut! Lastly, paint as you like, and add details and hot glue to the existing outlet plate.”

While the outlet near the floor is a cute touch (Can’t you just imagine a little mouse in a nightgown coming out to sweep her mat every morning?), Cristina has affixed the doors to other outlets around her home as well.

Cristina has a particular passion for dolls, dollhouses, and other quirky decor, but even if the other decorations in your home are pretty standard, these little additions can add a quaint touch and provide a great conversation pieces when guests come over!

All images via cristinaf


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