All of us have, at some point, wanted to be surrounded by a group of happy domesticated and wild animals. It’s the perfect fantasy for anyone who wanted to live out their dreams of being a Disney princess (or just a villain with a lot of crafty animal sidekicks), and for one woman in Turkey, it’s her everyday reality.

Dilara İlter captured a video while visiting her mother in Turkey, and the clip has since gone viral for obvious reasons. The woman in the video is being followed by a determined group of dogs, cats, and even wild birds. What’s her secret? Is she a witch? Does she have a beautiful singing voice? Is she a fairy in disguise?

The truth is actually much sweeter. Ilter told The Dodo that every other day, the mysterious woman feeds the stray animals in the area. Understandably, the animals have all decided it’s in their best interest to go wherever she goes.

This wasn’t just a temporary decision either. A year later, Ilter visited her mom again and saw that the woman was still putting in her good work, feeding the animals on the streets so they didn’t go hungry.

These animals are lucky to have this special woman taking care of them! Hopefully the desire to have such a devoted four-legged following will motivate more people to take care of the strays in their own communities.


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