Having to deal with road construction on your own street can be irritating at best and downright maddening at worst. Loud machines and impassable roads are a bothersome necessity when you encounter them on highways or residential streets, but when the ruckus is going on right outside your house, it can disrupt your very way of life.

Now imagine you have to deal with this for a whole year.

This was reality for Natalie and Josh Harvey, who first began dealing with construction on their street a little over a year ago. Now, all this time later, the construction is still happening. To “celebrate,” Natalie decided to host a birthday party for the mess in the road.

“Happy first birthday to our street construction! It was one year ago this week when they first began to rip up our street. One year later, half the street is impassable — just last week, we had a massive, 6-foot-deep hole! To celebrate, I created a replica of the street scene in cake form: two layers of chocolate sponge with peanut butter frosting.”

Yep, she went all-out. Party hat, balloons, and even a themed cake.

Look, we can’t even deny: the cake looks delicious, and we’d happily have that for our birthday.

The post soon went viral, and the couple’s neighbors received some cake to brighten their day during a year’s worth of road construction during a global pandemic. Best of all, the New Orleans roadwork authority caught wind of the post and has sought to take action to ensure that the problem gets taken care of, commenting on Natalie’s Instagram post,

First and foremost, thank you for your continued patience. We recognize that there have been numerous delays and understandable frustration with the West End Group A project. Obviously, temporary inconveniences do tend to accompany infrastructure upgrades; however, in this case, the delays have been unacceptable. In recent weeks, leaders from the @cityofNOLA Infrastructure Team have been conducting site visits and working closely with the combined @SWBNNO / DPW project management and construction contractor team. We are committed to holding all members of the team accountable, to finding solutions for the issues holding up construction, as well as to getting this work completed with an improved quality of life for residents.

Hopefully, this will be the first and only birthday for this lengthy road project!

All images via Natalie Naquin Harvey via Facebook


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