Snakes get a bad reputation, but most of these scaly critters are harmless and great for pest control. Cats, however, are known for hunting down these slithery reptiles, often giving them as “gifts” to their humans.

Thankfully, neither snake nor cat were harmed in a bizarre, but kind of adorable interaction that one woman saw when she looked up from her book as she was spending time with her cat, Ricky, outside. Twitter user @molly7anne shared the unlikely moment of friendship on Twitter, saying, “Why did I find my cat hanging out with a snake? neither harmed- just basking together.”


Many people were concerned for the animals, especially given how cats tend to hunt wildlife, but these two were just happy to be spending time in the sun together.


Ricky’s human explained where she got her cat and the fact that he was being supervised during his time outdoors.

“Ricky was a roadside rescue found shortly after halloween. He is only ever outside with me. I looked up from a book to see this a couple feet away. He is a good boy. He don’t kill birds. We are a strict respect nature household. Thanks witches.”


The unique friendship may be strange to some, but apparently, Ricky isn’t the only cat who harmlessly enjoys the company of snakes. Other Twitter users have replied to the thread with their own experiences of friendly cat/serpent interactions.

“My dad’s cat keeps bringing this particular snake into his house to just chill,” said Twitter user @waxeymeech, adding that her dad says the snake is “kind of used to it every time he has to take it outside.”


The strange interactions between species never cease to amaze us. It just goes to show that no matter where we come from, we all can get along!


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