After a tough workout or jog through the neighborhood, there’s no greater reward than being able to sit down with some water and a snack. Don’t you think our four-legged friends deserve the same?

That’s what Toronto woman Kaya Kristina thought, so she made it happen! Kaya lives next to High Park, which is a popular public garden. She noticed that many dogs would come home from their time in the park looking hot and thirsty, so one day, she set out some water with a friendly note.

Her little neighborhood watering spot became a hit among local dogs and their humans, and some of the dogs’ owners started leaving her notes to thank her for her kindness!

Then, last year, COVID changed the lives of many people, she decided to brighten the days of her neighbors (both human and canine) even more by offering treats for the local dogs as well.

Canine visitors of the adorably named “StarPups Coffee” can now get a drink, a Milk Bone, or a special locally made dog treat on their daily trek around the neighborhood.

Kaya has unfortunately had her bowls stolen before, but the joy she gets from seeing the dogs get their water and treats outweighs the disappointment she’s felt in seeing her work be taken from her.

The result of Kaya’s work has been a cycle of joy — she provides happiness to local dogs and pet owners in her area, and they in turn repay her kindness with their gratitude and sweet notes. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see so many happy dogs in their front yard every day?

Oh, and it’s not just dogs who come by to enjoy StarPups Coffee.

We love this cute idea, and we’re so glad that so many people and dogs have found joy in this little front yard dog “cafe”!


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