Women have lots of skincare products marketed toward them, but if there’s one industry that’s seriously slacking when it comes to women’s personal care, it’s the deodorant business. Men’s deodorant smells great, more like cologne than something designed to prevent BO, but women’s deodorant smells like cheap flowers and starts to develop a distinct, unpleasant scent all its own the moment sweat starts appearing.

A college student named Victoria (aka @radtoria on Twitter) noted this about two years ago and tweeted her very relatable feelings about it.

After people starting pointing out to her that she could just buy Old Spice deodorant herself, ignoring the gendered marketing, she doubled down on her sarcasm with hilarious results.

The funny tweets, however, took a wild turn when the Old Spice account reached out to her and offered to send her “something special.”

Victoria knew there were only two options she’d be receiving in the mail:

Old Spice came through with some jokes of their own, too.

Thankfully, the package was everything Victoria could’ve hoped for. The company included a letter, a t-shirt, and, yes, a stick of “Eagle Fangs” deodorant, just for her.

They didn’t mess around with the details, either.

Thankfully, the special gift had its intended impact. Victoria came out of the experience feeling a new sense of power thanks to her special Eagle Fangs deodorant. We love a happy ending!


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