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Woman Can’t Figure Out How Her Pug Keeps Getting Over The Gate Until She Sets Up A Camera


Animals are often craftier than we give them credit for. Even when we think we’ve got them trapped with gates, doors, and fences, many of them manage to get past our best efforts to keep them contained. If you need any proof that they might be tiny geniuses, check out this squirrel that nearly managed to outsmart a former NASA engineer!

Still, a young woman named Mary Green couldn’t figure out how on earth her pug, Hank, was getting over the gate she’d set up to keep him in the kitchen when she left the house. There were no signs that Hank had tried to force his way out, but it seemed unlikely that the pug had simply leapt over the gate. What was his secret?

To find out, Mary set up a camera in front of the gate and pretended to leave the house. We bet she had no idea what was about to happen when she closed the door behind her!

As it turns out, Hank is a bit of a parkour master. When Mary “left,” Hank waited only a moment before pulling off an acrobatic endeavor we don’t think our dogs would ever even think of. Um, has anyone considered getting this agile pup into agility competitions?

Check out the video of Hank’s ninja skills below:



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