Skeletons are generally not seen as good cuddle buddies. They’re creepy, bony, and of course, dead. But don’t tell that to Hazel.

Hazel is a cat who lives with her human, Twitter user @ajlobster. One day, Hazel discovered that her owner had brought home a new friend: a skeleton pillow from Target, to be exact.

At first, Hazel wasn’t so sure about the new guest in the house.

But soon, the two got to know each other a bit better.

Whatever conversation they had must have been a good one, because this is what happened next:

It seems like Hazel — like most cats — doesn’t care what a person looks like or whether their insides are actually inside them. As long as they’re soft and have a lap, they’re BFF material.

A few days have passed since the skeleton pillow was first brought home, and he and Hazel are still hanging out.

This does, of course, raise some curious questions as to whether or not our cats would notice or even care if we suddenly died in the middle of a Netflix binge…

But we’ll choose to put those thoughts out of our mind and instead admire this cute pair.

All images via @ajlobster on Twitter


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