In most cases, leaving pets out in the cold is cruel and dangerous. Cats and many dogs aren’t suited for long-term exposure to the winter elements, and most of them would love nothing more than to be curled up with their humans when the winter months come around.

And then there are huskies.

Some dogs are perfectly suited (and bred for!) the cold, and they want nothing to do with the indoors when the snow falls, thank you very much.

Malakai is one such dog, and no matter how much his owner Melissa begs him to come inside, he only has one thing to say to her: “No.”

Really. He tells her “no.” With his mouth.

As we know, huskies are very, um, vocal dogs, and Malakai is no exception. Whether or not he actually knows what he’s saying, he’s made his intentions very clear indeed. His antics have amassed millions of views on TikTok, and we can easily see why!

Take a look at this hilarious argument below:


#huskylife #fyp

♬ original sound – Melisah903


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