A few months ago, wildlife conservation photographer Jeff Wirth found bobcat evidence in the woods near his house. He set up a camera in hopes of capturing some cool shots of the wild cats, but what he found made him laugh out loud.

Jeff set up a homemade “camera trap” with his DSLR camera, special lighting, and a motion detector that would set off the camera when a creature (hopefully a bobcat!) passed by. When he checked the footage, he did manage to capture a great shot of one of his feline subjects! But he also got a photo of a very different “animal.”

Here’s the bobcat:

And here’s the other impressive shot:

Yep, another man (who was unknown to Jeff at the time) saw the setup and couldn’t resist the opportunity to strike a pose. 

Jeff shared the photos on Instagram, expressing gratitude to the stranger for not messing with his equipment. Then, the mystery model found the post!

As it turns out, this guy is Ben Sizemore — a fellow nature enthusiast who was doing invasive plant management near the spot where Jeff had set up his camera. Since their wholesome “photoshoot” went viral, the two have kept in contact via text, and Ben has updated his own Instagram bio to reflect his newfound fame:

We hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship… and many more nature-inspired photography collaborations!


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