Many of us fondly remember eating canned pasta as kids. The mushy, saucy meals have been a staple for many kids, with brands using fun shapes to convince children to beg their parents to buy them. But even though these pastas came canned, they still can’t last a whole lifetime.

Twitter user @DinosaurDracula (aka Matt) found proof of this when he encountered a can of Spiderman-themed Chef Boyardee pasta from 1995 for sale on eBay. Knowing a good opportunity when he saw one, he bought the can and then told Twitter that he’d open it and share its contents with the world if he could get 1995 retweets for the post. Matt achieved that and more, so he checked out the inside of the can and revealed the truth to the world.

The outside of the can was clearly corroded. After 20 years, it was no wonder it wasn’t in perfect condition!

The inside looked more like a fossil than anything that could have ever resembled pasta.

Matt managed to get the chunk of grossness out of the can. Immediately, his followers wished he’d never taken it out and left it to rot inside the can for all eternity.

Finally, Matt put to rest any doubts suggesting that this clump of horror wasn’t really derived from pasta when he pointed out a familiar figure:

Take that expiration date seriously, folks — you never know what you may find if you open up a can from too far in the past.

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