A lot of people are working from home now — even public figures like news anchors and meteorologists! Jeff Lyons of WFIE-TV has been delivering the weather from his dining room, where he’s set up a green screen to get the job done. His cat, Betty, often hangs out under the table while he works, but now, she’s getting her moment in the spotlight.

During one broadcast, the director asked to see Betty, so Lyons held her up to the camera. With less than a minute left of the broadcast, Lyons decided to just finish up with Betty cradled in his arms like a big hairy baby. Little did he know, the moment would catapult the meteorologist to viral stardom, and now, the world has made it clear that they can’t get enough of Betty.

The news station shared a clip of what happened, and it’s easy to see why the world fell in love with Betty and her human.

Both cat and human are making the most of their big moment. Betty now has her own cute graphic on the news. If her dad isn’t careful, she might take his job!

We’d pay way more attention to the weather forecast if it featured a fluffy cat, wouldn’t you?

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