2020’s already given us a lot to handle, but now we also have to deal with flying sharks, apparently.

Kidding! Sort of.

It’s Shark Week at the Discovery Channel, and the crew of Air Jaws were filming sharks breaching, or jumping out of the water to catch prey (which, in this case, consisted of decoy seals set as bait specifically so the crew could record the sharks’ breaches). It’s common for sharks to jump eight to ten feet into the air, but one shark stood out (or leaped out) above the rest.

Yep, the winner of this breaching contest ended up going a whopping fifteen feet into the air, and the footage is JAWS-dropping. The crew agreed that this was likely a record, certainly, at least, for the Air Jaws competition.

While this is certainly an impressive feat for this shark, we’re certainly glad we’re not seals after seeing this! You can check out the footage below:


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