Watch This Fox Take A Woman’s Phone & Try To Bury It… With The Camera Still On


Foxes are known as being mischievous little critters in both folk tales and real life. Believe it or not, some people keep these canine creatures as pets, and while they’re a lot to handle, it’s easy to see why some humans might want a fox’s companionship.

However, many domesticated foxes end homeless or needing to be surrendered, and that’s where rescue organizations like SaveAFox come in. Saveafox does just what their name implies, taking in displaced foxes and rescuing them from fur farms. The four-legged residents are clearly grateful to have such a great life now, but they’re not exactly perfect angels.

SaveAFox founder Mikayla Raines got a goofy reminder of this when she tried to film herself doing yoga near a three-year-old fox named Dixie, who came to the rescue after her original owner had passed away. As Raines was trying to film her yoga routine, Dixie took interest in the phone and, with the camera still recording, grabbed the device and took off, chattering away as Raines tried chasing her to get the phone back. Finally, a tired Dixie tries to bury the phone, and Raines is able to get it back… plus some great footage of the whole experience!

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