We know that elephants are incredible, gigantic animals that are as intimidating as they are beautiful. Even as we see videos of them walking across the plains or charging other animals who threaten their young, though, we sometimes forget just how powerful they can be.

One elephant’s search for food led it to muscle it’s way into some lunch as it wrapped its trunk and tusks around a tree and put all its effort into pushing. It was no small feat and no small tree — at first, the massive creature looked like it might not achieve its goal. But with lots of effort and heave-ho, it finally snapped the tree in half — yes, at the trunk — and got access to the leaves that would’ve otherwise been too high to reach, even with that long trunk.

Soon enough, another elephant came to dine as well!

The whole thing was shared by Rassie Sinden, and you have to see it to believe it:


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