You’re going to cry watching this video — first with sadness, then with tears of joy.

Three screaming puppies were caught in rock-solid tar and unable to move even an inch.  One of them was even stuck with its mouth open.

Luckily, a group of men found them.  Unable to pull the puppies out without hurting them, the men are forced to dig under the crying animals and break off pieces of the ground in order to pull them up.

With the tar and pavement still attached to them, the puppies were brought to a veterinarian who had to cut and clean the tar out of their fur.  The process took days, but it was well worth it. As the makers of the video said:

We didn’t know if the babies would survive their terrible trauma. But their little spirits were incredibly strong…

Not only did the puppies survive their traumatic ordeal unharmed, they found their mother.

Check out the video these courageous little creatures below:


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