Toodles the cat had a rough go for a while. The pretty kitty was living in a mobile home community until she got into a fight with a dog and needed special attention. Luckily, living in the community was Mindy Brocato, who works at the Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control. Mindy took Toodles to the shelter hoping to get the cat started with a newer, happier life, but soon enough, the shelter staff noticed that something was off.

You see, this special kitty was lactating, indicating that she’d recently given birth and was nursing young kittens. Once Toodles was safe, Mindy put her neighbors on alert for any young kittens they might find. Thankfully, the litter was found beneath a mobile home in the area, and the feline family was reunited.

Mama stray cat reunites with kittens

As it turned out, Toodles was a mom to five kittens! After making sure that this lucky momma wouldn’t turn the kittens away, the staff felt comfortable placing all five of them into the cage with her. They filmed the reunion, and be warned: you may need to have some tissues ready before you watch it.

But there were still more surprises to be had. A few days later, a sixth kitten was found, and Toodles welcomed the little lost baby back just the same as she had the other five.

Stray cat reunites with kittens in shelter

Once they were confirmed as being healthy and safe, mom and kittens went to a home to be fostered together. While some of the other kittens are still awaiting their forever homes, Toodles and her sixth kitten (now named Percy) have already found a place to live together “furever.”


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