Watch The Moment A Blue Parrot Landed On A Soccer Player’s Head In The Middle Of A Match


Soccer players have quick reflexes so they can be prepared for just about anything that happens on the field, but no one was ready for what happened to Brazilian soccer player Bruna Benites while she and her team were in the middle of a match.

Benites, who plays for SC Internacional, saw a large blue macaw flying around. She told Globo News she saw the bird coming toward her, but thought it would just fly by and be on its merry way. Instead, the bird decided to get the best possible view of the game.

(In the caption of the photo, the athlete clarified that she wasn’t crying in this picture, though probably a bit surprised!)

The game was paused as a stadium worker came to get the pretty Polly off the player, and the macaw eventually relocated.

As it turns out, this macaw wasn’t just a wild bird who stumbled upon humans doing some weird stuff. His name is Pelé, and he lives with a licensed caretaker near the stadium where the match took place.

Though he’s taken care of and domesticated Pelé is free to fly where he pleases. He frequents the games, in fact, though he normally chooses to watch from locations that aren’t a player’s head. He even has his own Instagram!

This funny bird has made it clear: he’s a soccer fan, and who could blame him for wanting to get up close to the action?

He’s already trying it out for himself.


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