Being inside for so long due to COVID-19 has left many of us with a new appreciation for the outside world, but for a group of nine stray cats that had found a home in one person’s garden, the inside world is what blew them away.

The person behind the walter santi YouTube channel shares his home with a number of kitties, two of which live indoors and nine of which live outside in the garden. The outdoor cats have made themselves comfortable with their external home, but their human friend came up with a creative way to allow them to have some space indoors as well.

The man created a cat-friendly space adjacent to the garden where all of the kitties can come and go as they please. The inside is filled with lots of additions to make the cats happy, including cat-themed cubbies for them to hide and nap in!

The cats’ friend filmed their first-ever moment of exploring the indoors, and it’s basically free therapy. Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a bunch of cats who have never before seen the inside of a house as they explore their new surroundings?

You’ll have to tell us! Check out the video below:


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