The freezing temperatures that have ravaged Texas this season have left many humans huddled up in their homes trying to stay warm, but they aren’t the only ones suffering from the cold. Many sea turtles along the coast have also been suffering. As cold-blooded animals, they can’t regulate their body temperature, and being best suited to warm waters, the cold temperatures have been putting them at risk for drowning and other health issues.

A group of volunteers from Sea Turtle, Inc., however, have stepped up in a major way to save as many turtles as possible. The volunteers have been using their own cars and filling them up with the cold turtles, taking the rescued animals to the South Padre Island Convention Centre and Visitors Bureau. So far, the Centre has received about 3,500 turtles.

Though the conditions aren’t ideal for the turtles, the Centre has electricity and water, which can help keep the animals warm and hydrated until it’s safe for them to return to the wild.

The volunteers have been working tirelessly to help the animals, and thanks to their efforts, many turtles that might have otherwise died in the wild will now live.

What an amazing effort to save some of our planet’s most beautiful and endangered creatures! Thanks to these volunteers, these turtles can go on to parent future generations.


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