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Viral Video Shows 9-Year-Old Girl Outsmarting Creepy Man Following Her


As children, we’re all taught about “stranger danger.” You know what we’re talking about: never get into the car with someone you don’t know, find a grown-up if you don’t feel safe, and run away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

One nine-year-old girl in Russia, however, did an even more remarkable job of thwarting a creepy man’s attempts to follow her than we would’ve ever expected.

A viral video shared on a Russian news site shows security footage of the little girl approaching her apartment building, where a man is loitering outside after following her home as she walked back from school. As the girl goes into the building, he tailgates behind her, using her access to let himself in. Right away, we can tell something is off, and so, apparently, could the young girl.

The man follows the girl down the hall, but after she turns down one corridor to wait for the elevator, she doubles back before he can see her, escaping out the front door. As the man waits for the elevator, he realizes the girl has left, and he exits the building to find her. By this time, though, the girl had found her father, and they returned together, passing the man as they reentered the building.

The little girl is safe and sound, and the man has since been detained, according to the news article accompanying the video. The clip has since gone viral, with people all over the world praising the girl’s quick thinking.

Self-defense-based YouTube channel Active Self-Protection has shared the video, along with some helpful tips that help kids and adults alike protect themselves from strangers. You can watch it below:



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