If you’d been planning on going to a concert in the near future, chances are it’s been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some artists are doing their part to help provide accessible entertainment during this time, and among them is celebrity violinist and dancer Lindsey Sterling.

Sterling has made a name for herself for her unique style of playing the violin, which is often accompanied by her dancing. She’s amassed a huge fan base over the years, so when fans heard she was going to be doing a mini-concert from her home, there were a lot of excited people waiting to listen to her.

Sterling uploaded the video of the concert so fans can watch anytime from anywhere, and fans are loving it. It’s not quite the same as seeing this talented artist jump around the stage while playing great music, but it’s still a great performance and a wonderful way to take your mind off everything going on in the world right now. Best of all, the concert, a part of the #TogetherAtHome series, is in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), which is providing updates about the pandemic as it unfolds.

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