It’s crazy to think that 1911 is now nearly 110 years ago. The early 1900s evoke memories of a completely different time, when the idea of having an incredible amount of information contained in a device that fit into your pocket was beyond far-fetched. It seems like a far distant place in history, and though it was in a sense, it also wasn’t that long ago.

Denis Shiryaev proves this in his remastered old timey film clips. Denis takes footage from yesteryear — often black and white, grainy, and choppy — and transforms it to look more modern. The content itself is unmistakably from a time long before our own, with horses and carriages replacing cars and buses and fashion looking far sharper than it is today, but from the perspective of quality, the edited footage looks like a modern-day video with a vintage filter on it.

Still, Denis has passed on the praise to the people who made the technology that enabled him to edit his videos. “Anyone can repeat this process with algorithms that are currently published on Github; all of them are in the video description. Credit should go to DIAN, Topaz AI, ESRGAN, Waifu2x, DeOldify and other developers who are part of the worldwide ML-community and contributing to humanity by making these algorithms publicly available,” he wrote on YouTube.

This video, which originally came from Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern, depicts New York City in 1911. Take a look and try to imagine what these people would think if they knew that over a century later, you’d be looking at their smiling faces from a screen in your home!


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