Crows are known for being among the smartest birds (and maybe animals, as a general category) in the world, and they’ve been known to make friends with other species as well. Cats and humans alike have developed unique bonds with these corvids, and in a video shared from Latvia, another crow appeared to deliver some interspecies assistance by encouraging a hedgehog to hurry across the street.

The unlikely pair was spotted in the middle of the street, but the crow seemed to recognize that this wasn’t the best place for them to be. It began jabbing at the little hedgehog until it made its way inch my inch across the road. While the little critter seems to be reluctant to jump over the curb into the grass, it’s at least out of the middle of the street, where it could get hit by a car.

The video has since gone viral, and while some people are skeptical that the crow had altruistic motivations in this situation, it doesn’t seem like the bird is trying to actively harm (or eat) the hedgehog either. At the very least, it was a bit of curiosity in nature that paid off for this lucky hedgehog!

Take a look at the clip below:


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