The issue of school lunch debt has been consistently raised in the news recently, and while many stories involve sad or infuriating accounts of children having their food taken away over outstanding debt, one brewery in Utah made sure that a local school was able to share a happy ending.

During the month of December, Toasted Barrel Brewery in Salt Lake City encouraged patrons to donate to help pay off the total lunch debt for Washington Elementary School, as reported by KUTV. The school qualifies for federal funding because at least 40 percent of its students come from families who meet the US Census’ definition of “low income.”

With the money counted up, the brewery was able to deliver a check to the principal of Washington Elementary that was enough to cover all the outstanding lunch debt: a total of $1,300.

The school shared a post thanking Toasted Barrel Brewery for their contribution:

We are very grateful for the community support from Sage and Andrea of Toasted Barrel! During the month of December the Toasted Barrel asked patrons to donate to help pay off student lunch debt at Washington. They were able to raise $1,300! Thank you!”

It just goes to show that when people come together, great things can be achieved!

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