For years we’ve been told that unicorns don’t really exist, but maybe we’ve just been thinking of them the wrong way. You see, while most people envision unicorns as being horses, one unique puppy is providing evidence that they might have really been dogs all along!

Rae, a golden retriever puppy, suffered an accidental injury at birth that left her with only her right ear. As she’s grown, the ear has shifted closer towards the center of her head, giving her a distinct “unicorn” appearance.

Thankfully, the uni-ear seems to just be an aesthetic feature, and Rae lives her life like any other puppy.

And of course, just like any other golden retriever, Rae sometimes has to deal with her ear getting flipped inside-out.

Sometimes, her ear makes her look like she has a cute hairdo!

As she grows older, Rae will continue to look just like a normal Golden… but of course, with a little unique flair.

We just can’t get enough of this special girl!

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