Some paddleboarders have to worry about sharks or even crocodiles while they’re out on the water, but thankfully, one UK-based man had a much friendlier visitor when he went out paddleboarding a few days ago.

Cenk Albayrak-Touyé was paddleboarding in Dorset when he was approached by a curious seal in the water. At first, it seemed like the seal just wanted to see what was going on, clearly intrigued, but not threatened by Cenk. Then, after just a couple seconds of checking it out, the seal hopped right on board, as if to claim the paddleboard for herself as the perfect place to grab some sun.

Surprisingly, the seal stayed with Cenk for a little while, only calmly sliding back into the water after a bit over a minute. Maybe she was craving some sunshine, or maybe she just wanted some company. Either way, she gave this paddleboarder one heck of a memory to share!

Check out the special moment below:


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