By now, you’ve probably figured out that weird stuff happens in Australia. Weird, venomous creatures walk the land and swim in the sea, Prime Ministers are changed faster than their own socks, and if you leave your door open, you might walk in to an unexpected guess.

One homeowner in Adelaide found themselves looking at an adorable, but uninvited guest: a koala, who wandered into their house and immediately seemed to decide it was well-suited for domestic life. In the video shared on 9 News Queensland, the resident dog isn’t quite sure what to make of its new roommate, but it doesn’t take long for the koala to take the pup’s spot on the bed.

While we have our fingers crossed that this was just a cute and trauma-free mistake for a curious koala, there’s also a possibility that the animal was confused or homeless after fleeing the bushfires that are still blazing around the nation. While fires have been far less common around Adelaide, koalas can still find themselves a long way from their original homes if they’re displaced by fires. Let’s hope that this fuzzy friend found its way home fast!


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