A family in Pasadena, California, ended up in a mixed-up version of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” But in this case, a brown bear was the intruder, the homeowners were home, and he was discovered (and chased out) by two tiny dogs.

Homeowner DeeDee Mueller was relaxing with one of her terriers, Mei Mei, when the brown bear made its way into her home through the back door and into the kitchen. For its size, the bear was surprisingly quiet as it explored its new environment. But it wasn’t long before Mei Mei and DeeDee’s other terrier, Squirt, had launched themselves into the kitchen at full speed, barking with all their might at the large intruder.

Despite the fact that the bear was undeniably the more “intimidating” predator in this situation, it was scared silly when the two tiny dogs came running into the kitchen. The bear ran out of the house without anyone being harmed, and thankfully, all was well!

The Muellers’ security camera captured the entire unbelievable incident, and you can watch what happened for yourself below:


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