Think of the thickest sandwich you’ve ever eaten (or attempted to eat). Now add 7,906 miles’ worth of filling to it.

That’s what two internet strangers did when they came together (figuratively speaking) to make the perfect “Earth sandwich.” According to RNZ, Etienne Naude of Auckland, New Zealand, and an unnamed man from Spain teamed up to find the exact coordinates needed to “capture” the Earth between two slices of bread.

Naude, a computer science student in college, found his Spanish counterpart on Reddit after searching for someone to help him in his nerdy, delightfully pure pursuit. After using Google Maps to narrow down the perfect location, the duo then used image date from the app to increase their precision. The endeavor had its challenges — in addition to finding the exact location to place the bread, the men also had to contend with a twelve-hour time difference and make sure the type of bread matched. After all, a sandwich with one slice of white bread and one slice of sourdough isn’t fit to eat!

Once the perfect location had been found, Naude only had to walk a couple hundred meters, whereas his new friend had to travel about seven miles. From there, the unlikely pair laid down their bread, snapped a photo for posterity, and declared their mission accomplished.

Image Source: Etienne Naude via RNZ

To some, the photos may just be some pictures of bread on the ground. But for these two, the Earth Sandwich was an exercise of science and newfound internet friendship.

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