Horses may be huge animals, but if you’ve ever spent a while around them, you know that their courage is rarely as mighty as their appearance. Horses will spook at just about anything, from deer to plastic bags blowing in the breeze to a shadow on the wall. And for two horses, the scariest obstacle they could imagine was a single itty bitty bunny.

Domino, an Appaloosa, and Pie, a paint/draft horse cross, were being called in from the field when they saw a terrifying guardian blocking their path — a little bunny, minding her own business. You would think that this would be no big deal for two animals many times the size of a rabbit, but for these two horses, that bunny may has well have been a gigantic terrifying monster.

The horses seemed to take turns getting behind each other as if to say, “No, YOU chase it out of the way!” But neither had the courage to get closer than they were.

They might’ve been stuck there forever, trapped at the mercy of that ferocious rabbit, had it not been for the valiant efforts of their owner, Samantha May. Samantha finally had enough of that bunny’s bullying, and she stepped forward to encourage it to hop out of the way. Once the little rodent was gone, the horses happily trotted forward, continuing on their merry way.

You can watch the funny scene for yourself below:


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