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Two Boys Help Save Raccoon They Found Buried Alive


Earlier this month, fourteen-year-old Daiton and twelve-year-old Rylen McMillon went to explore the woods near their house in Texas. The brothers came across some animal burrows, which at first appeared to be empty. Upon closer inspection, though, the boys noticed something was amiss — more specifically, there was a raccoon stuck in one of the burrows!

One of the burrows appeared to have collapsed on the poor animal, leaving it trapped under dirt and cement. The raccoon was buried alive with only its head and feet sticking out, and the boys hurried home to tell their dad, Dray, what they’d found. The father returned to the raccoon with the boys, and they dug the animal out as much as they could, offering it some water as well. But soon, it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to take on this task alone. Dray called the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, who sent out a few volunteers to get the raccoon out.

It took a while, and the raccoon was a little unsteady right after being rescued, but it was soon able to scamper back into the woods, safe and sound.

There’s no telling what would’ve happened to the raccoon if the boys hadn’t found it there, but it’s very unlikely that it would’ve gotten out without help. Kudos to these boys, their dad, and the rescue team for their kindness and hard work!

You can watch the WWWRC’s video of the incident below:



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