What would your perfect office retirement party look like? Would there be cake? Tearful farewells? Or would you just peace out without so much as a look back over your shoulder?

Working dogs may not expect retirement parties, but one special TSA canine got one anyway, and it’s adorable in its simplicity.

TTirado is (or rather, was) an explosive detection canine who has worked for the Indianapolis Airport for the past eight years. As a working dog, tennis balls were less “everyday toys” and instead served as special rewards for a job well done. TTirado has lived his life knowing that getting to play with his favorite toy means that he’s done his work right.

In an interview with The Dodo, TTirado’s handler, Keith Grey, said that this black lab was among the top dogs in his field — he genuinely enjoys scent detection, and it’s showed in his results. But after years of hard work, the time finally came for this dedicated pup to enjoy the rest of his years in retirement. Lucky for both him and Keith, TTirado gets to spend the rest of his days with the same man who’s been his handler his whole life… just in a more casual, non-working way.

Before he retired, TTirado had one more task, and the reward was better than anything he could’ve imagined. After the lab found his final suitcase and signaled that he’d found something noteworthy by sitting down, 200 tennis balls, ordered by Keith and dropped by handlers, rained down from above. Needless to say, it was the perfect way for this deserving pup to enter the next phase of his life.

Watch the heartwarming video below:


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