A family of ten young raccoons have certainly earned their reputation as “trash pandas” after getting stuck in a dumpster. Luckily, though, a kind-hearted truck driver was around to help them escape.

Robert Acton found the raccoons while making a stop on his delivery route, according to Fox 35 Orlando. He heard a rustling noise from a dumpster outside the business, and when he went to investigate, he found ten adorable surprises staring up at him.

Hating the idea of the tiny critters falling victim to a trash compactor, he took a wood pallet from his truck and slipped it inside so the raccoons could get out. Relieved, but probably a little embarrassed, the opportunistic snackers scampered out and away. But have they learned their lesson? Robert said that this wasn’t the first time he’d found a bunch of raccoons in that dumpster. Last week, he said he found about twenty in the same place, and he once again used that pallet to help them escape.

Robert went beyond the call of duty for these special animals! Hopefully, they’ll stay out of trouble and find their next meal somewhere they can get in and out of!


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