On a scale from 1 to “playing a watering can like a trombone,” how bored have you been in quarantine?

Jokes aside, a legitimately talented trombonist named Martyn Stroud has proven that virtually anything can be an instrument if you know what you’re doing and keep an open mind. A few days ago, he shared his cover of the fast-paced, challenging song “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky Korsakov, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The song itself is probably familiar to you, even if you didn’t recognize the name. Chances are, you’ve heard it in chaotic cartoon scenes! It takes a serious set of lungs and a lot of practice to perfect this tricky tune, but as a trombone player, Martyn had both aspects covered. So, having played the song on a traditional instrument, he moved on to his watering can!

Why he chose a watering can, we may never know. But somehow, it ties in perfectly with the garden theme of it all — can’t you just imagine a busy bee flying around, beating its wings to the tune of the tool that waters the flowers it needs to survive? It’s practically poetic.

Yeah, yeah, we know: it’s a stretch. But we think you’ll enjoy this goofy tune anyway. Take a look and a listen below:


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