If you’re a regular hiker (or, you know, a wild animal), coming across a bear in the woods may be startling, but not completely unsurprising. Coming across a bear and a coyote? Well, that’s some interesting luck.

One trail camera in Florida captured both a bear and a coyote in the same day… and in fact, both carnivores were spotted taking a walk through the woods together.

Mike Kacos was the one to check the trail cam and see the unusual scene first. The video was then shared by MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife, which offered an explanation for why the duo may have been traveling together:

The coyote may be following the bear’s excellent sense of smell to find food. Or, they just happened to be using the same trail at the same time. Bears and coyotes can be found in urban environments, too, so it’s important to never feed wild animals and secure attractants like garbage, pet food or livestock on your property.

Whether these two were in search of food or just happened to be going the same way and didn’t mind the company, this scene looked like something straight out of a Disney movie.

Take a look below:


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