Trail Cam Captures Adorable Howls Of A 4-Week-Old Wolf Pup


The sound of a howling wolf conjures images of a spooky moonlit night. Or, if you’re a prey animal, you may wonder if you’re about to get eaten.

Thankfully, we humans can sit back in the comfort of our own homes and watch what may be the world’s most adorable wolf howl on our screens. It’s all thanks to the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which set up a trail cam in the Northwoods of Minnesota and ended up capturing what may be the first howls of a four-week-old wolf pup.

The little pup is the only wolf we see, but based on the other sounds in the video, his family isn’t far behind. Howling is an important way for wolves to communicate, and this little one sure has the instincts for it — just listen to how loud that tiny body can “WOOOOOO!”


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